What does a label actually do?

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You see them everywhere, yet you probably don’t give them much thought. Just take a moment and look around you. If you start to look for them, you will start to see the vast expanse and impact that labels have on our daily lives. But why have you never noticed them before? Labels are often given very little attention because they are seen as commonplace. Consumers have become so used to them that they rarely think about the function that a label has and all that goes into them. They come in many different shapes, sizes and materials but influence our daily lives all the same. So what does a label actually do? A lot.


Labels are used to bring brands together while also separating those very same brands from the competition. They are made to have a lasting impression so consumers know what to look for the next time they shop. Iconic brands, like Coca-Cola, are known for their labels and consumers are familiar with the quality of product inside just by seeing it.


Only buy American made products? Concerned about nutritional facts? The label is the place that contains a vast amount of information. It is the one spot that you go to so you can learn more about the product. With mobile technology, QR codes and links can put a wealth of information in the consumers hands with just the click of a button.


Have food allergies? Don’t know if medication is safe for children? What happens if the product is used in the wrong way? Some products can be dangerous if not used properly; labels warn of potentially dangerous uses / situations. Reading a warning on a label can be a life saver.


Did anyone know that the World Cup is going on? Even if you haven’t watched, chances are is that you’ve seen advertisements for the world cup on some of the products that you’ve purchased. Advertising on CPG’s and personalization has become much more prevalent with the acceptance of digital printing. It is making these options much more economically viable for brand owners to take advantage of.  

Labels are a part of our daily lives and have an impact on what we buy to how we use consumer packaged goods. In many instances, without labels, consumers would be at a loss for the contents inside of a carton/bottle/jar. Labels help to make consumers lives easier while promoting the product that they are on. The next time you see a label, take a closer look at what it does and how it has impacted you and your purchase decisions.



Author: Nicole Hannover

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