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It was a brisk -8° Fahrenheit on our way to the airport. Not the worst that this 2014 winter had thrown at us, but cold enough for us to look forward to the final destination of our trip. Drought or no drought, Southern California is always a welcome trip in the middle of a Minnesota winter. After our arrival the mandatory first stop was In-N-Out Burger to enjoy the cuisine that is not offered in The Land of 10,000 Lakes. Mix in eating outside, add a little warm February sun and it was enough to forget about the Polar Vortex. With our annual voyage to the Anaheim Convention Center to exhibit at WestPack well underway, we were looking forward to starting the show.

This packaging focused tradeshow allows us to see and visit with customers, see old friends, meet new customers and keep up to date on the latest product offerings in the packaging world. The traffic at WestPack was exceptional. Compared to our first experience exhibiting at EastPack last June in Philadelphia, WestPack seems to have many more attendees at the show.

The one common misconception that we encountered time and time again is that being from Minnesota would hinder any functional business relationship. The best part of this is when we tell people that we can offer competitive pricing with printers from the Southern California area. Our geographic location offers advantages to our customers like having more mills and suppliers within close distances to be able to get a variety of substrates to our customers, at a reasonable price. These same substrates may be exponentially higher if they are sourced by a Southern California printer. With competitive pricing and a quick response to requests, we are able to service Southern California quite effectively.

Whether the majority of people stopped by because of our packaging services or the B.T. McElrath chocolate we were giving out, we do not know. We do know that we met a number of people that we hope to help in the near future with their packaging needs.

Upon our return we were met with cold air and a few snow storms that would shut-down Atlanta a few times over, but we learn to live with it, we’re Norseman, right?

As a side note, our National Sales Representative, Peter Hedstrom will be attending The Natural Products Expo West show in March.  We look forward to exhibiting at this show next year.  If you saw us at WestPack or would like to visit with Peter during his trip, please feel free to reach out to him via the link above.


Author: Nicole Hannover

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