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Impressions Inc. is excited to launch our brand new blog, Unfolded. Our purpose for creating this blog is to provide useful and relevant (and occasionally not so useful or relevant) information to our clients, employees, and many friends on various topics impacting our industry: printing and packaging.

We find the printing and packaging industry mysterious yet exciting. Mysterious in the sense as to how a customer’s concept is consistently and reliably objectified on a substrate composed of a blend of cellulose fibers and water in an amazingly short time frame, time and time again; exciting in how it is all done -so many disparate technologies that have to work in harmony with each other to bring the final piece to completion. We are hoping to take some of the mystery out of how the process works and generate some excitement through our explorations.

Beyond our design and manufacturing processes we are also hoping to share information about the bigger business issues of the time: sustainability and environmental responsibility; retail and regulatory trends; and technology developments in general.

We love the city we call home and hope to provide context to our mission by highlighting some of the cultural, architectural, and historical aspects of the Twin Cities – St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Author: Nicole Hannover

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