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Prepress 101 – Preparing Files for Print

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Prepress is a term used in the printing industry, which refers to a process of making sure a job is correctly prepared for printing. The prepress process involves preflight, Mac file manipulation, proofing and plating. Effective prepress production allows for catching errors that could hold up the job on press. The first step in prepress production is preflight. Preflight is the process of confirming that the digital files (fonts, artwork,…

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What is Dot Gain?

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Dot gain is often also referred to as TVI (Tonal Value Increase). It is a printing phenomenon, which occurs in offset lithography that causes the small halftone dots that make up an image to grow in size during the printing process. Dot gain is caused by halftone dots growing in size between the original printing plate and the final printed sheet. The image above illustrates this— the original halftone dot (dark…

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