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Packaging Serves a Purpose – Food Products

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Packaging for food

If you live in Minnesota and don’t want to come down with Scurvy, please be grateful for the advancements in packaging. On a recent trip to Arizona my wife and I were delighted to find a large and bustling farmers’ market happening in downtown Scottsdale. Although we had just eaten breakfast and weren’t hungry, the market was a perfect place to spend some time before our departure flight early that afternoon….

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An Interesting Piece of Equipment

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In an earlier blog entry I touched on the various collectibles on display in our lobby and the positive reactions we get from all visitors. The most prominent item on display is a 19th century Washington hand printing press. Although we can’t trace the history of our particular press, we can tell by pictorial comparisons that the press dates back as far as the middle 1850s. The press bears a…

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New Technologies in a Printing World – Extended Gamut Printing

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In an ever changing industry which is becoming more and more demanding, printers need to adapt to new technologies. Working smarter, becoming more efficient, and delivering these capabilities to customers is essential to success in the printing industry. Extended Gamut Printing is one such example. Traditional color reproduction strategies can fall short for a couple of reasons: First, because we are used to viewing images on brightly lit monitors, printed…

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History of Impressions

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First-time and returning visitors alike share with us how much they enjoy visiting our lobby. Once you get past the six and a half foot Charlie Brown statue you discover a discordant collection of baseball autographs and antique printing equipment. Although the printing equipment is authentic, it was purchased through collectors and was never actually used at Impressions Inc. Some of the equipment dates back to the 19th century, long…

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Offset Printing 101

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Offset printing is a printing technique where an inked image is transferred (or “offset”) from a plate to a blanket, then to the paper. The lithographic process is based on the repulsion of oil and water; the image to be printed obtains ink from ink rollers, while the non-printing area attracts a water-based film (“fountain solution”), keeping the non-printing areas ink-free. In very basic terms:   A printing plate (with a positive…

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