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A Die-Cutter Like No Other

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In past blog posts we have written on Eli Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints and the related challenges packaging converters are now facing with quick set-up high-speed press equipment burying their finishing departments with WIP (work in progress) inventory. The advancements in press technology have moved the bottleneck downstream to the die-cutting and folding gluing departments. In order to avoid these potential bottlenecks, we made our most recent equipment acquisition, a…

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1050 Design – A Better Way to Design Packaging

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Many people consider themselves designers. From the Adobe Creative suite to WordPress, now more than ever people are able to channel their artistic abilities to create and share ideas with the world and sell their services to clients as freelancers. Freelance work has become a great way for people to expand their professional abilities while working with a variety of clients in a number of industries. As consumers, we benefit…

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Getting It Right – The First Time and Every Time

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Pre-press image of a folding carton layout

We live in a hurried world filled with tight deadlines. As a producer of packaging for consumer products, we often find ourselves placed in situations in which we have a fixed tight deadline. Even with these stringent deadlines there are times when we have not yet even seen any artwork, or even have a clue when it is going to be in our hands. What we do know, is that…

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How Can Digital Packaging Help You?

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Finished roll after digital folding cartons are die cut.

By now, most if not all CPG companies have heard of digital printing. Some may currently be using it while others may not have even looked into it. Why change your current process if it isn’t broken, right? Enter the disruptive technology that is digital printing. In the beginning stages of adoption, digital printing is starting to appeal to companies of all sizes with its variety of capabilities, efficient turnaround…

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Packaging Serves a Purpose – Food Packaging #2

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Shortly after posting my last blog topic on the wonder of having fresh organic strawberries available in the bleak of winter, I was made aware of an article relating to  a study demonstrating the cost advantages of corrugated packaging over reusable plastic totes in the transportation of this fresh fruit. The study was commissioned by the Corrugated Packaging Alliance (CPA) in hopes to demonstrate corrugated’s cost advantages by touting that container recyclability…

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