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One Thing That Will Never Go Away

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I had done all of the previous research. I knew exactly what model I wanted and I knew that the store I was driving to had it in stock. As I walked into the store I was greeted with a, “Hi. Can I help you find anything?” I politely declined as I motored towards the electronic department. Again, I was greeted and asked if I needed help. I found the product that I wanted…

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Short Run Packaging Niche

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Every trade show we exhibit at, we are guaranteed to hear “What are your minimums?” at least once. Most of the time this question is asked by start-ups who are looking to get a foot hold in their particular market by presenting their products with quality packaging. All of these people are looking for a simple answer, followed by a price. With all of the variables that go into a packaging job,…

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Making a Difference Through Design

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On a recent visit to the doctor I was asked the question, “Do you take a multi-vitamin”? After I confirmed what he already knew, I received a lecture on the health benefits from a simple daily pill. A few days later I was in a convenience store when I remembered what the Doc had said. With my ignorance on the topic, I strolled to the vitamin aisle and was quickly overwhelmed. There in front of me…

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Getting It Right – The First Time and Every Time

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Pre-press image of a folding carton layout

We live in a hurried world filled with tight deadlines. As a producer of packaging for consumer products, we often find ourselves placed in situations in which we have a fixed tight deadline. Even with these stringent deadlines there are times when we have not yet even seen any artwork, or even have a clue when it is going to be in our hands. What we do know, is that…

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Packaging Serves a Purpose – Food Packaging #2

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Shortly after posting my last blog topic on the wonder of having fresh organic strawberries available in the bleak of winter, I was made aware of an article relating to  a study demonstrating the cost advantages of corrugated packaging over reusable plastic totes in the transportation of this fresh fruit. The study was commissioned by the Corrugated Packaging Alliance (CPA) in hopes to demonstrate corrugated’s cost advantages by touting that container recyclability…

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