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Every trade show we exhibit at, we are guaranteed to hear “What are your minimums?” at least once. Most of the time this question is asked by start-ups who are looking to get a foot hold in their particular market by presenting their products with quality packaging. All of these people are looking for a simple answer, followed by a price. With all of the variables that go into a packaging job, coming up with this answer can be difficult without knowing more background information about the project. Whether it is helpful or not, the short answer they are looking for sounds like this, “No minimums. Price will vary.”

Around the packaging world, the up and coming capability for printers to have is small run print production capabilities. I suspect the reasons for this are because of product proliferation, personalization,  and the advancements and acceptance of digital printing. The new technologies make the expansion of brands and products much more economically viable for brand owners to take advantage of. With all of the available options for producing these small runs the true answer to “What are your minimums?” is, “Tell me more about your project…”

Many companies offer “short run packaging” with little customization but offer the ease of ordering online. You can submit your files online for hassle free ordering, but you never quite know what the end product will look like. There are many variables from file quality to print production that can change the finished product that arrives at your door. Once your order quantities become higher or you are tired of poor quality, you need to look for a new packaging supplier and it’s back to square one. The ideal packaging supplier would be able to cater to small run needs while being able to accommodate expansion and more business. We are always impressed with entrepreneur’s at trade shows who ask, “What are your minimums?…Can you handle an influx of orders?” One of the greatest things we can do in our business is advising a start-up with a small, but important area of their business. If we can alleviate the stress from their packaging, it gives them one less thing to worry about and more time to focus on other areas of their business. As their business continues to grow, we are able to accommodate their packaging needs and continue the same support.

This support model works the other direction as well. We work with large companies who are looking to expand product lines or streamline ordering processes and need small runs of cartons instead of their typical large runs. These companies often have multiple SKU’s and need the ability to order as-needed quantities. For particular products, the old model of ordering high quantities is no longer desired. Short runs give them flexibility with ordering while reducing waste to support environmental efforts. Our unique manufacturing capabilities allows both types of customers to achieve their goals.

Whether companies are just starting up or are established and looking to refine business operations, small run print production is becoming important within the packaging world. Some print production companies offer the ease of short run packaging through online stores with little to no customization, other printers balk at the idea of having to produce small runs. Impressions Incorporated is set up to accommodate both. Below is a chart describing what Impressions production method would best fit common packaging applications.

*Keeping in mind that every project is unique, this chart gives a simple understanding of varieties of services for quantities of cartons needed. Further discussions with us are best practice to find the ideal option for your situation. Contact us today.







Author: Nicole Hannover

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