Quality Management Systems – A Step Above the Rest

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The International Organization for Standards (ISO) sets and maintains standards for hundreds of different applications ranging from aircraft parts and assembly requirements to information technology – Character code structure and extension techniques. There is an ISO standard for country codes for use in data processing and communications. There is an ISO standard for almost everything if you look hard enough. ISO 9000 is a commonly used standard for the development and practice of an organization’s quality system. Impressions Inc. is ISO 9001 certified which goes beyond ISO 9000 into the design of the finished product or process for customer sale.

Taking the basic structure of ISO 9001, the PS 9000:2001 standard goes beyond a packaging converter’s quality system into the necessary requirements to produce packaging materials for the pharmaceutical industry. To put it in quality terms, PS 9000 is the combination of ISO 9000 + the Food and Drug Administration’s current Good Manufacturing Practices with a packaging focus. To comply with this standard you not only have to pass a third-party audit of your quality system, you have to pass a more stringent audit from an industry expert with the elevated responsibility of ensuring product safety all through the supply chain the end customer.

We not only passed the audit, we passed with a rating of GxP1, the highest rating possible. Impressions has always taken great pride in our quality management system, and our focus on ensuring all customer requirements are met. To take that achievement to a higher level, the manufacture of secondary packaging products for medicinal purposes is an accomplishment that not many companies can claim.

Author: Nicole Hannover

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