Packaging Serves a Purpose

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In your typical holiday or birthday celebration, anyone who has kids or been in a house full of kids has witnessed the colossal devastation that is left behind after the opening of presents. Those organized and beautifully wrapped stacks of presents are now a discordant mass of wrapping paper, cartons, packing material and product documents strewn throughout the house. What to do with this enormous mess?

Step One: Find and remove the money, warranties and product instructions

Step Two: Throw away the wrapping paper

Step Three: Determine what to do with the packaging materials. It is at this point of disposal that one begins to wonder why we need so much packaging in the first place

People working in the packaging industry feel we are producing the most important product on earth. Although that claim is made with some humorous intent, the fact that both the package design and development process is managed so tightly would indicate that there are a lot of people beyond producers who feel the same way: packaging is important! Most of the recent attention from a consumer awareness perspective has been on reducing the amount of packaging used in a product. What receives even less exposure is the amount of damaged or wasted products as a result of efforts to limit packaging.

Over the next few blogs we are looking forward to covering this topic with the intention of educating, or perhaps more accurately, reminding the typical consumer on the many important functions that packaging performs in our world today. And yes, there are ridiculous amounts of over packaging that just leads to post-Holiday fatigue. Maybe we can capture a few of these examples this holiday season.

When I was a kid, a great big cardboard box could be used in numerous ways, the only limit being your imagination. Today, knowing the rising price of recycled paperboard pulp, I meticulously remove all of the tape and staples from a corrugated carton and collapse it down to its original flat form before sending it off to the recycler. Not as much fun as making the box into a fort – that’s for sure.


Author: Nicole Hannover

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