Packaging Serves a Purpose – Fun!

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Packaging Can be fun with Impressions Incorporated

There are many purposes of packaging but fun is typically not at the front of the list. Now many people would beg to differ that packaging is anything but fun; from struggling to open a clamshell blister to the over packaging of electronic products, we have all dealt with packaging frustrations.

But what happens when packaging is not only fun, but entertaining? One company has turned gift giving into a practical joke at the expense of the recipient. Prank Pack is company that sells EMPTY packaging to consumers. This brilliant idea uses fake consumer products that are on the crazy side, but believable enough to confuse the intended recipient.

Packaging is important to inform consumers about what is inside and has a great impact on purchase decisions. This is never more apparent when you see the awkward reactions that people have when opening these gift boxes. Every gift recipient wants to make the gift giver feel that they enjoy the thoughtfully chosen present – this can be difficult when you receive a Motorized Rolling Pin.

I used this product this Christmas and everyone had a great time with it. Because the box is empty it allows you to place the real gift inside and no one is left with hurt feelings. I guess sometimes adding an extra layer of packaging can be a good thing.


Author: Nicole Hannover

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