How Can Digital Packaging Help You?

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Finished roll after digital folding cartons are die cut.

By now, most if not all CPG companies have heard of digital printing. Some may currently be using it while others may not have even looked into it. Why change your current process if it isn’t broken, right?

Enter the disruptive technology that is digital printing. In the beginning stages of adoption, digital printing is starting to appeal to companies of all sizes with its variety of capabilities, efficient turnaround times, and high quality. While the earliest adoption has been with labels, digitally printed paperboard packaging is becoming highly sought after for many reasons.

Most new technologies are perceived as being expensive and untrustworthy which is not the case with digital printing. Each job proposes different challenges but given the trend of product proliferation and increases in SKUs, utilizing on demand printing is much more efficient in reducing inventory and product waste than traditional printing. This makes it a viable print option for both small start-up companies as well as large established brands.

The digital printing revolution may “be here” for some but that is not to get confused with where it fits in the current packaging arena. On many levels it is not as efficient as tradition printing, rather it is the complex attributes that can be added with simplicity that makes the technology so appealing. While there have been many breakthroughs as to what these machines can produce, many of the uses for this technology are still unknown.  Digital printing makes it possible to personalize and target consumers with variable printing. Integrated marketing campaigns have never been easier to implement with the simplicity of changing the message or graphics on packaging. Brand owners and marketers have the advantage of pushing this technology to the edge of it’s capabilities as it continually develops. This means that they have the ability to impact the direction of this technology dependent on their needs and where they want to take it.

Some new technologies can be scary and cause people to cherish their longstanding way of doing things. Inevitably people’s opinions change along with the technologies and our lives become easier. We look back at the old way of doing things, call it crazy, and wonder how we ever managed to get along (Think of the not-so-far removed: VHS, Cassette, Walk-Man, Floppy Disc, Dial-Up Modem, etc.).

Digital printing is no different. We will see the early adaptors who took advantage of the technology make leaps and bounds while their counterparts are slow to catch on and catch up with its’ advantages. What we don’t know scares us the most, the question to answer is how can you benefit from digital printing and where will you take it?


Author: Nicole Hannover

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