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Packaging: More Than a Commodity

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It was hard to miss the mountains of products piled sky high that were vying for peoples’ attention, guiding me through the store like a maze. It could have been because it was early in the morning and the products hadn’t been thoroughly shopped yet, or maybe because the displays were simply meant to simplify the shopping experience. Whatever the reason was, the large piles of products made me feel something that I often hear…

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Taking the Mystery out of Creating Folding Carton Specs

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In a series of upcoming blogs we will focus on the theme of developing carton specs, what are the technical considerations along with some inside information on how the process works in hopes that this information will be useful to some fledgling entrepreneur out there trying to bring a great new consumer product to market. At every trade show we attend, we encounter potential customers who are just starting out…

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WestPack / Natural Products Expo

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It was a brisk -8° Fahrenheit on our way to the airport. Not the worst that this 2014 winter had thrown at us, but cold enough for us to look forward to the final destination of our trip. Drought or no drought, Southern California is always a welcome trip in the middle of a Minnesota winter. After our arrival the mandatory first stop was In-N-Out Burger to enjoy the cuisine…

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Long Distance Press OK’s

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Having a national customer base has directed us into finding innovative and timely methods for proofing management from a long distance. Although we have used remote proofing tools for years, many customers are still more comfortable handling and signing off on a hard-copy proof. Although this creates some additional transportation costs and time needed to ship proofs back and forth, neither of these factors matter enough when a customer prefers…

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Digital Printing – Expanding Capabilities

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Adding digital printing capabilities has opened up a whole new set of possibilities for solving customer problems, but sometimes physical size limitations still can get in the way. Then again, a digital press is not like an analog press; thinking differently may provide an opportunity to transcend physical limitations allowing for new ways of doing things you never could have imagined before. Although our HP Indigo digital press is a…

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