Our Standards

Our Standards

Impressions Incorporated is dedicated to updating and improving our business practices to better serve our customers and industry. To remain a leader in the printing industry, Impressions Incorporated has achieved and maintains a number of certifications and affiliations.

Environmental Sustainability

Impressions Incorporated continually works on improving our environmental footprint. We create internal processes to reduce water, waste and energy consumption. We help promote responsible tree harvesting and paper use through our SFI® (Sustainable Forestry Initiative®) and FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council™) certifications.


Equipment Overview

We understand that equipment is only part of the equation when it comes to being a valuable printing and packaging supplier. We possess a wide range of equipment which enables us to be creative when planning your project. To see a full list of our equipment, please click the link below.

Equipment List

Quality System

Procedures: Impressions Incorporated’s Quality Management System (QMS) contains written procedures to cover all of the requirements listed below.

  • Training – Employees are trained annually on our QMS and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Training is documented in our web-based “Wiki” document library.
  • Art files – Production art files are converted to locked PDFs and verified pixel by pixel against customer supplied files using Global Vision’s optical verification system.
  • Versioning – We create a unique internal item number for each version of customer supplied art.
  • Line clearance – All manufacturing lines must be cleared of product before starting a new set up.
  • Gang runs – For regulated items, we do not print multiple versions on the same press form. For non-regulated items, parts of a similar look and style are kept segregated from each other.
  • Packing – Shipping cartons are labeled as they are filled.
  • Product verification and tracking – We print blank detection and identifier marks are on all press sheets. We assign and print a unique number on each position of an imposed press sheet. A version specific barcode is printed on each piece which is verified as the piece runs through its final equipment.