1050 Design – A Better Way to Design Packaging

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Many people consider themselves designers. From the Adobe Creative suite to WordPress, now more than ever people are able to channel their artistic abilities to create and share ideas with the world and sell their services to clients as freelancers. Freelance work has become a great way for people to expand their professional abilities while working with a variety of clients in a number of industries. As consumers, we benefit from seeing competition at its finest as designers push the limits of their abilities and strive to create something that has never been done before. For clients, they risk working with inexperienced designers who may not know how to design for print, leading to added costs and unmet expectations. As printers this can be a daunting task to work with new, inefficient packaging designers while dealing with our customers consistent expectations.

Designing packaging is an ability that is difficult to learn on your own. For many, it is challenging to look beyond the two dimensional parameters that they frequently deal with, and build a design to fit three dimensional consumer packaged goods. A packaging designer needs to know how to create properly layered artwork, realize the relationship between the amount of colors and costs, and any production concerns related to artwork. All of these components determine the final cost of a project and if done improperly, can quickly change the scope and price of a production job. Additionally, each packaging manufacturer has its own set of capabilities and areas of expertise which designers may not know about. The opportunity to take advantage of specialty capabilities can be missed with a designer unfamiliar with the printing process.

At times the unfamiliarity of packaging design does not bode well for designers or their clients. More often than not, there is a rush to get packaging produced and the inexperience of designing for packaging often leads to mistakes. Because of Impressions’ internal quality systems, a job cannot move to the next step in our production process until the necessary components are completed.  Ultimately these mistakes end up costing time and money, neither of which is beneficial to our customers. The end result is that we get to notify our customers about the errors, inform them of the necessary corrections and do our best to keep the original production timelines.

Impressions identified this problem early on and sought to find the best solution for our customers. Our group of in house graphic designers, 1050 Design, is able to work with customers from the design phase to production in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Working with our designers guarantees print ready files and the ability to verify their work at every stage in the production process.  The end result for our customers is design that sets their products apart, quality that is second to none, cost savings across the board, products delivered on time and stress free project management.

While a printer may not be the first place that you look to for a graphic designer, contact us to learn more about the opportunities you may be missing out on.


Author: Nicole Hannover

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