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Packaging Serves a Purpose – Fun!

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Packaging Can be fun with Impressions Incorporated

There are many purposes of packaging but fun is typically not at the front of the list. Now many people would beg to differ that packaging is anything but fun; from struggling to open a clamshell blister to the over packaging of electronic products, we have all dealt with packaging frustrations. But what happens when packaging is not only fun, but entertaining? One company has turned gift giving into a…

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New Technologies in a Printing World – Extended Gamut Printing

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In an ever changing industry which is becoming more and more demanding, printers need to adapt to new technologies. Working smarter, becoming more efficient, and delivering these capabilities to customers is essential to success in the printing industry. Extended Gamut Printing is one such example. Traditional color reproduction strategies can fall short for a couple of reasons: First, because we are used to viewing images on brightly lit monitors, printed…

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Black Gold

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When I was growing up back in the 1960’s the words “coffee shop” meant two things to me: there was the Greenwich Village counter-culture type spots that spawned folk musicians like Bob Dylan and Joan Baez; and there was the more mundane Midwestern variety that was really more of a diner that served their percolated (bland) brew as something in which to dip your doughnut into as much as to…

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IPC World Cup

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With the exception of an occasional star like Lindsay Vonn or Bode Miller, Americans are not too familiar with the skiers of the United States Ski Association (USSA). The aforementioned stars are representatives of the Alpine (or downhill) ski team which garners most of the media attention because of the excitement of this discipline and its suitability for television viewing. Nordic (cross country) skiing receives far less attention even though…

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New Technologies in a Printing World – Exceeding Customer Needs

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Upon the ending of WWII, with their country devastated by the war and with limited capital and access to natural resources, Japanese companies had to make due with what they had to rebuild their economy and manufacturing capacity. These companies had to focus on the elimination of waste, in both time and material. They came up with a system that we now call Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED); a…

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