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Eastpack/Pharmapack 2013

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The choices Impressions Inc. makes on which trade shows to exhibit at are based on an expected amount of traffic that will provide the most likely opportunity for future sales. Location is a secondary consideration, but still important because having multiple transportation options along with affordable prices go along way towards justifying our attendance at the show. There are many shows that meet both these criteria, but outside of the…

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Long Distance Press OK’s

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Having a national customer base has directed us into finding innovative and timely methods for proofing management from a long distance. Although we have used remote proofing tools for years, many customers are still more comfortable handling and signing off on a hard-copy proof. Although this creates some additional transportation costs and time needed to ship proofs back and forth, neither of these factors matter enough when a customer prefers…

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Last week, the Gaylord Opryland Hotel was the single best resource in the world to gather and learn information on digital printing. Host of the eighth annual Dscoop conference, HP Indigo users from across the country gathered to further their knowledge on products and capabilities to help grow their business, increase productivity, and develop better solutions for their customers. With less than a year in the print industry, I was given the…

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New Technologies in a Printing World – Exceeding Customer Needs

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Upon the ending of WWII, with their country devastated by the war and with limited capital and access to natural resources, Japanese companies had to make due with what they had to rebuild their economy and manufacturing capacity. These companies had to focus on the elimination of waste, in both time and material. They came up with a system that we now call Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED); a…

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New Technologies in a Printing World – Lean Manufacturing

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Lean manufacturing is one of the most important and transformational business developments over the past fifty years. By applying some basic principles and utilizing various planning tools, a lean initiative puts into motion practices that strive for added customer value, improved quality, and faster turn-times with the intention of reducing or even eliminating waste and all forms of inventory: WIP, raw materials and finished goods. The practice of empowering an…

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