Package Engineering


Are Your Products Getting Lost In The Mix?

Great packaging begins with structural design. Our experienced in-house package engineers can create a custom structure or improve your current packaging. In the end, you will get a carton that accentuates your product, fits your brand identity and draws your customer’s eye to your packaging.

Step 1: Information

We meet with you to discuss your goals, the structure’s purpose, filling method, desired size and style.

Step 2: Engineering

Our package engineers utilize the information gathered and begin designing the structure, taking into consideration elements such as product efficiency, product security, aesthetics, material utilization and strength.

Step 3: Revisions

You’ll receive a blank sample of the initial structure design concept that you can evaluate, test your products with and provide feedback for adjustments and modifications.

Step 4: Production

Once you are satisfied with the structure design, a structure approval form is signed, a dieline file is created for artwork and a physical die is made of the structure for production.