FDA labeling Proposal: Another Good Reason for Digital Packaging

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FDA proposes new labeling requirements

The Food and Drug Administration is proposing its first major nutritional labeling change in over twenty years.  Some of the proposed changes are to reflect more accurate serving sizes, distinguish between natural & added sugars, and to update the daily recommended dosage values for certain nutrients such as potassium and vitamin D. If approved, the manufacturers will have up to two years to revise their labels to the new standards.

One expected cost for manufacturers will be the need to recalculate all of the nutritional information per serving size to reflect the new requirements. Many smaller food companies will need to contract this service to an outside firm, not having the means to do these calculations internally. Another major cost will be the need to re-design and reprint all of the packaging labels in existence. This could be a significant financial burden dependent on the size of the company.

Impressions Inc. offers two services that could help keep these costs to a minimum: graphic design and digital printing. Our graphic design studio, 1050 Design, can create beautiful print-ready designs at an affordable cost. Our HP Indigo 6600 digital press can print both labels and folding cartons without the need for plates, and at a fraction of the cost for litho or flexo printing.

Beyond the health concerns the FDA is trying to help solve by requiring these labeling changes, one benefit of this study was learning that the typical consumer does read these labels and is trying to make wise eating choices based on the information provided. Nutritional information on food packaging is important. The new requirements are being proposed to make it easier for the consumer to understand what they are buying and more accurately reflect actual serving sizes.

Whether or not labeling and other package design changes are being externally or internally driven, Impressions Inc. has the capability to handle these changes in a short timeframe, and at an affordable cost.


Author: Nicole Hannover

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