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Last week, the Gaylord Opryland Hotel was the single best resource in the world to gather and learn information on digital printing. Host of the eighth annual Dscoop conference, HP Indigo users from across the country gathered to further their knowledge on products and capabilities to help grow their business, increase productivity, and develop better solutions for their customers.

With less than a year in the print industry, I was given the opportunity to attend the conference and further my knowledge of the digital printing industry. Never attending this conference before, I did not know what to expect. I went to the conference with an open mind, eager to learn and soak up information from those around me.

From design, marketing and sales all the way to financial analysis and operations, this conference offered very useful information for everyone who was attending. I attended as many sessions as I was able to, but the greatest impact for me was talking to others about their practices and uses for their digital equipment. This information from people who have had the experiences, triumphs and failures was invaluable to understanding the digital print format and its impacts on the printing industry.

The keynote speakers delivered some insight into how they were able to successfully impact their businesses. Mark King, chief executive of TaylorMade golf equipment, described how listening to all employees brings innovation and ideas to his company. He told the story of how a TaylorMade putting expert brought an idea for a white colored driver to the table, something no other golf retailer was doing at the time. By making this simple change, TaylorMade was able to recapture market share in this particular product category.

Gary Vaynerchuk made a name for himself by sampling wine and narrating the experience on his blog. This unique approach made him stand out as an expert in the wine industry and was the foundation to his social media successes. Embracing change, bringing creativity and passion to work everyday, pursuing perfection, challenging employees for ideas, and not running a business like it is 2002 were powerful messages the keynotes touched upon throughout their speeches.

The late John Wooden said, “If I am through learning, I am through.” Building knowledge and experiences is the most important aspect to running a successful business, and the reason why we gather for conferences like Dscoop. As a newcomer to the printing industry at large, I know I certainly gained valuable information that I hope to incorporate into our current culture at Impressions Incorporated. For those of you that also attended,  what will you take from this show and implement into your company?


Author: Nicole Hannover

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