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Greatest Breatkthroughs Since the Wheel

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Over the course of time a natural progression to improve our lives has led to breakthroughs that have had incalculable impact on how we live. The daunting task of trying to encapsulate these breakthroughs into  a “Top 50” list is one that needs varying insight and viewpoints. Given the difficulty of creating this list, I found it interested that the contributing panel was able to come to clear consensus as to what should be No. 1….

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Packaging Serves a Purpose – Food Packaging #2

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Shortly after posting my last blog topic on the wonder of having fresh organic strawberries available in the bleak of winter, I was made aware of an article relating to  a study demonstrating the cost advantages of corrugated packaging over reusable plastic totes in the transportation of this fresh fruit. The study was commissioned by the Corrugated Packaging Alliance (CPA) in hopes to demonstrate corrugated’s cost advantages by touting that container recyclability…

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Packaging Serves a Purpose – Food Products

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Packaging for food

If you live in Minnesota and don’t want to come down with Scurvy, please be grateful for the advancements in packaging. On a recent trip to Arizona my wife and I were delighted to find a large and bustling farmers’ market happening in downtown Scottsdale. Although we had just eaten breakfast and weren’t hungry, the market was a perfect place to spend some time before our departure flight early that afternoon….

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Packaging Serves a Purpose – Fun!

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Packaging Can be fun with Impressions Incorporated

There are many purposes of packaging but fun is typically not at the front of the list. Now many people would beg to differ that packaging is anything but fun; from struggling to open a clamshell blister to the over packaging of electronic products, we have all dealt with packaging frustrations. But what happens when packaging is not only fun, but entertaining? One company has turned gift giving into a…

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Marathon Grand Slam

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This past January, Impressions Incorporated sponsored the IPC World Cup in Cable, Wisconsin. Our President, Mike Jorgensen, was able to attend and cheer on the Paralympic athletes as they competed against some of the best athletes in the world in preparation for the 2014 Paralympics in Sochi, Russia. One of the athletes on the US CXC Skiing team was setting some history of her own this past weekend except it wasn’t in…

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