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Packaging: More Than a Commodity

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It was hard to miss the mountains of products piled sky high that were vying for peoples’ attention, guiding me through the store like a maze. It could have been because it was early in the morning and the products hadn’t been thoroughly shopped yet, or maybe because the displays were simply meant to simplify the shopping experience. Whatever the reason was, the large piles of products made me feel something that I often hear…

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One Thing That Will Never Go Away

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I had done all of the previous research. I knew exactly what model I wanted and I knew that the store I was driving to had it in stock. As I walked into the store I was greeted with a, “Hi. Can I help you find anything?” I politely declined as I motored towards the electronic department. Again, I was greeted and asked if I needed help. I found the product that I wanted…

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Short Run Packaging Niche

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Every trade show we exhibit at, we are guaranteed to hear “What are your minimums?” at least once. Most of the time this question is asked by start-ups who are looking to get a foot hold in their particular market by presenting their products with quality packaging. All of these people are looking for a simple answer, followed by a price. With all of the variables that go into a packaging job,…

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How Can Digital Packaging Help You?

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Finished roll after digital folding cartons are die cut.

By now, most if not all CPG companies have heard of digital printing. Some may currently be using it while others may not have even looked into it. Why change your current process if it isn’t broken, right? Enter the disruptive technology that is digital printing. In the beginning stages of adoption, digital printing is starting to appeal to companies of all sizes with its variety of capabilities, efficient turnaround…

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What can one commercial say about the printing industry?

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While watching television this past weekend I came across an interesting commercial (link below). The commercial spoke volumes about the print industry yet it had nothing to do with it. Anyone familiar with the print industry would recognize the familiar shots of a printing press.  If that wasn’t obvious enough the director of the commercial needed to show a part of the company name, most importantly “PRINTING.” So, you’re probably wondering what…

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